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Jeremiah Sater is a candid and landscape photographer located in south central Pennsylvania. He often travels to Maryland and the surrounding tri-state area to capture sunrises and sunsets and other natural subjects. When not hiking to various scenic vistas, he captures the candid moments during events, ranging from indoor worship concerts to street festivals.

He began as a self-taught photographer in 2014, who also has a Bachelor's in Journalism. He has worked as a professional photographer since 2016, photographing portraits, sports action, groups, and various events. Whether remaining in the background or becoming a part of an event, Jeremiah works to capture the unique moments.

Alongside his photography, Jeremiah has begun to incorporate videography into his coverage of events. He documented a wide variety of subjects and events as a camp videographer and personal endeavors. Whether documenting a full performance or creating a highlight video of an event, Jeremiah believes video adds unique elements to coverage that photography cannot match.

Whether he needs to script out a scene or remain out of sight, Jeremiah seeks to capture the event or proceedings with the upmost accuracy to what is unfolding.

Business Inquires

If you need a full day event documented or need photos for your business or just a simple head shot, Jeremiah would love to discuss how he could help you in that endeavor.

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